About Us

100% handmade wooden furniture

Furniture made with passion
for people with passion

Wooden It Be Nice Inc. started out in 2015 with great passion on wood and deep connection to the furniture industry. We build our products from start to finish at our very own factory in Pandacaqui Mexico Pampanga where quality is ensured by our skilled team of craftsman. Our aim is to provide the greatest value for our customer by continuous innovation and timely delivery.

We combine wood and mixed materials like rattan, wicker, stainless, veneer, stone, leather etc. we also offer customized products that can be made to fit your space and taste since we build the design according to your specifications.

As home styles have evolved over the years., Wooden has developed too, keeping step with the trend. We added cabinetry, modular cabinets to our existing product line and we engaged in services like renovation, construction works and fit outs.

We have served various clients for residentials, commercial and hospitality industry from traditional, modern classic and modern theme.